Select the proper weapon and kill the corresponding ghost. Hotkeys for the weapons are Q, P & B. Try to eliminate as much ghosts as you can in 60 seconds while enjoying sassy jazz music!

This game was made in a weekend (technically, it was a day, but I should've worked on it the whole weekend) for The Arbitrary Gamejam. I used it as an opportunity to try out a library I've had my eye on for a while, Phaser. First I was planning to use it together with TypeScript, but as the weekend progressed and time grew short I siwtched to JavaScript, which turned out to be a bit more manageable (with the help of some Sublime Text 3 plugins).

I didn't really succeed in using the themes in my game. The idea was that there were three techniques for killing ghosts (nitrogenizing, derogative insults, and squashing) but in the end I didn't have time to implement the eyecandy to tell the player that. The personal moment that relates to this game is mostly last week, which was so buzzy and I didn't have time for anything and things just kept coming up but in the end I just finished them one by one and I managed anyway.

Moeser has also been made with the One Million Downloads Challenge in mind. It's a project in which a few friends of mine and I are participating. Our mission is to get one million downloads in a year. Crazy, right? We know, but we want to shoot for the moon. Why, you ask? Because, even if we miss, we'll land among the stars! Sorry for the horrible pun, I couldn't resist. The actual reason is that we want a challenge to focus on while also gaining experience with Game Development. We hope you can try out a few of our games! At the moment of writing they're all free (and most probably will be), so feel free to pass by and download a game or two. Oh, and tell all your friends ofcourse.

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